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IMPORTANT - Rules of the Land
« on: September 20, 2015, 01:48:11 PM »
Firstly, welcome to OptiQuest! These rules are in place to allow yourself and others to enjoy their stay in the land of Narnia and hopefully to prevent anything nasty from happening.

Server Rules:

  • Do not abuse or harass server members or staff
Players should be allowed to play in a safe and friendly environment, direct or indirect abuse of any kind will not be tolerated and you could be punished by a member of staff with a mute or even a ban. If you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all, if you have a problem with a player (if they are breaking a rule) then report them ingame using the /helpop command.
  • Do not excessively swear or cuss
If people are uncomfortable with swearing please respect that, if you swear excessively or swear at someone you will likely to be punished by a member of staff. If you are angry, please take a breath and think before typing as speaking or acting in the heat of the moment you are unlikely to think about what you are doing.
  • Do not spam or advertise external sources
Try and keep your writing on a single line and give a few seconds before speaking again, purposely spamming the chat with garbage could result in a mute from a member of staff. Do not post links or IP addresses from outside of OptiQuest or Opticraft, no links to illegal, NSFW (Not Safe For Work) or inappropriate content for the younger audience.
  • Do not use modded clients or disallowed mods
Using any kind of modded clients (or modifications that change the core gameplay) is against the rules and if you are found to be using one you will be asked to remove it or be punished. The only modifications that are allowed on the server are listed under the Allowed Game Modifications topic.
  • If you find a game bug, do not abuse it
There are measures in place to make sure bugs do not exist in the game through regular usage, sometimes a bug or glitch slips through the net and might cause interruptions to gameplay or strange occurrences. If this happens, do not try and repeat it for your own advantage. Report the bug as soon as possible by making a new topic in the Bug Report forum section. If you repeat or teach others how to use the bug to gain an advantage you could be punished, and stats or progress rolled back.

By breaking one of these rules, you agree to accept the consequences - this could be a warning, mute, temporary or full ban or in extreme circumstances a progress roll back. If you are banned or muted, check the Punishment Appeals forum to see if you can have it lifted.

Your account is your responsibility - Actions carried out on an account will be taken as if the owner of the account is on, if you are hacked or a relative has access to your account (with or without your permission) and breaks a rule, the same punishments will be handed out. It is up to you to keep your account safe by using a secure password, locking or logging off of your computer's account.

Forum Rules:

  • Please post in the relevant sections
We try our best to organize the forums into different sections to allow for easy browsing and moderation, if you want to make a new topic please try and post it in the most relevant forum section, if you post a topic in the wrong section a member of staff may move it without warning, or you can ask directly on the topic.
  • Do not spam topics, posts or private messages
By posting or sending multiple messages you are spamming the forums, meaning content
  • Do not post in old topics unless necessary
If topics are dead, do not resurrect them
  • Do not abuse the report post system
The report post button is in place so you can easily

By breaking one of these rules, you agree to accept the consequences - this could be a warning, post privilege suspension, post or topic deletion or a temporary or full ban from the forums. Forum bans or post suspensions are non-appealable, they are likely to expire after some time. If you are in desperate need of help and unable to post, email support at
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